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Get All NC Parcels In A Single Download

Jun 3

Written by:
6/3/2016 12:51 PM  RssIcon

The NC Parcels datasets continue to be one of the most popular data sets served by NC OneMap. Containing over 5 million features, each one with up to 65 standardized attribute fields, the parcels data is regularly updated and available online as web services or for download. To date, downloads were available as county shapefiles. However, today we would like to announce that you can now get the complete NC Parcels dataset in a single download

How Do I Get It?
You can find all parcel related resources in the GeoPortal by searching with the term "parcels." The download file is a zip file containing an Esri file geodatabase. The file is named "" The file geodatabase is called "NC_Parcels_all" and contains 3 feature classes: "nc_parcels_participants," "nc_parcels_pt," and "nc_parcels_poly." The "participants" feature class contains summary information about the parcels for each county (e.g., date of last update). The other two feature classes contain the parcels and have identical attribute data. Due to the size of the data, the zipped up file is about 2Gb so this isn't going to download in 5 seconds. However, if the web services or county downloads don't fit your needs then this is another option. For those who cannot use the file geodatabase format, please continue to download the county shapefiles.

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